Our ambitious vision is to create healthy and educated rural communities throughout rural Nepal. To achieve this we have increased the level of our interventions, especially in education and livelihoods improvement. After the earthquake of 15 April 2015, the status of educational development in Nepal has worsened. Significant efforts are now needed to restore and develop education in Nepal to enable it to offer a better way for the future. Kadam Nepal believes that educated and healthy people are the backbone of the nation. We believe in investing resources wisely to develop health facilities and infrastructure for quality health education in Nepal. Recent disasters have created greater social divisions in communities of Nepal and we aim to tackle these divisions through our programmes providing better education, better environment, better health, sustainable livelihoods and social transformation for all people in rural Nepal. We will do this by mainstreaming cross cutting themes such as capacity development, gender, education, health and traditional practices in Nepali society within our programmes.